Adorable gifts, delivered by "Stork Mail"

Stork Mail is a family business based in Lancashire U.K. Here we like to soar and spread our wings of imagination, creating unique gifting experiences for new and expecting parents.

Pregnancy is a special and emotional time, we want our products to reflect that. Thought and attention are put into everything we do, down to the smallest of detail.

All of the designs are inspired by my own motherhood experiences, each has a special story or sentiment attached to them.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, my eldest son, Rhys would put his hand on my tummy and say I love you. Sometimes he would feel a kick! I said to him, this was a message from Mummy's tummy saying he loved him too!

This was when the idea, of a message from Mummy's tummy, was born.

My eldest son now loves being a part of the family business and has enjoyed watching it grow. He likes to help out when he can, and says working alongside his Grandad is a right hoot!